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Motor Accident

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  • Check that everyone is OK. If not, call 999 immediately, asking for an ambulance and the police, and apply first aid.
  • Move everyone to a safe place, providing they are not seriously injured
  • If you have a mobile phone or camera, take photographs of the accident scene and vehicles involved.
  • Obtain driver details, their insurance details, any witness details, details of any police officer who attended scene, and anything else you think may be relevant.

Escape of Water

escape of water claim insurance broker
  • Turn off water at mains stop cock
  • Turn off electricity supply
  • Call plumber to carry out emergency repairs
  • If it is safe, try and minimise loss
  • Report claim to your insurers, via your broker, as soon as possible

Burglary / Theft

burglary claim insurance broker
  • Contact police, ensure you get Crime Reference Number.
  • Contact a locksmith or glazing company to carry out any repairs to secure premises.


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  • Evacuate immediately unless fire is small and can be extinguished safely
  • Call 999 and ask for Fire and Rescue service
  • Raise alarm to neighbours
  • Secure as much as possible without risking your own safety
  • The fire service may wish to disconnect mains supplies if deemed necessary
  • Contact your insurer, via your broker, as soon as possible to report the loss.