Areas to Address When Renewing Your Business Insurance:

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Is your business insurance due for renewal soon?

Would you like a no obligation annual review of your insurance requirements?

Before you simply renew with your current insurers based on the current details you may like to ask yourself the following questions:

•Is your building sum insured up to date?
•Are all interested parties noted on your policy?
•Does the insurance policy show your full business description? If not, why not?
•Are all sums insured including machinery, plant and all other contents up to date? Are these sums insured based on replacement cost and not the book value?
•Are you aware of and complying with all conditions and warranties of your insurance policy?
•Are all your locations/offices/storage facilities noted on the policy i.e. stock held elsewhere?

Business Interruption
•Are you insuring on the right basis? Insurance Gross Profit Basis = Turnover less Purchases.
•What is your Indemnity period? Most policies give at least 12 months – but is this realistically sufficient?
•Do you depend upon any specific customers or suppliers?

•Is £10m limit of indemnity for Employers Liability sufficient?
•Is your Employers Liability certificate displayed in full view for all employees?
•What is you Public Liability Level? £2m? £5m? £10m? And is this sufficient?

Statutory Inspection
•Do you have a program in place for inspection of all statutory plant?

RT Waters Insurance Brokers can not only offer you a competitively priced high quality policy, we also pride ourselves on the advice we can provide. Our advice can give you that extra piece of mind and can help your business grow whilst correctly protecting your assets.

Give our office a call today for a full no obligation annual review.

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